Curtis Lynch

Curtis Lynch has long secured himself as one of the best Record producers in the music industry. Multi-platinum recordings with the ‘Gorillaz’, productions with Grammy Award winning artist ‘Alicia Keys’ and remixes with the likes of Oscar winning actor Jamie foxx cement Lynch’s status as a top music producer.

For the last 7 years Curtis Lynch’s brainchild Necessary Mayhem Records has become one of the biggest labels across Europe. Various genres all centred significantly around Reggae music has stamped Necessary Mayhem Records as the go to label for the most authentic sound as well as the most futuristic sound in reggae music today.

Not satisfied with the continued growth of both himself as a Music Producer and Label owner, Curtis Lynch is adding to his consistent music releases and International DJ sets by creating music for television programs. Curtis, recently received his first ‘Music Supervisor’ credit on a mainstream UK television documentary ‘My Crazy New Jamaican Life’ as well as a score of music in a television series called ‘Run’ also shown on mainstream television.