Darren Jay

Darren started playing in 1989 his first residency was ‘ASYLUM’ in Woolwich Poly he then went on to  play at various party’s in London. In 1991 Darren went to live in Tenerife were he worked with Mr C C J Mackintosh, Matthew B, Riccardo from KLF and Frankie Bones on his return he began to get booked for ‘RAGE’ which was hosted by Fabio & Grooverider , playing upstairs along side Mickey Finn.

He then went on to become a resident at the infamous A W O L teaming up with Randall, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn,Dr S Gachet and mc GQ  it was then that AWOL released live at the Ministry of Sound which became part of the Jungle explosion that kicked off around this time. As a result Darren found himself a regular at such events as DESERT STORM, ROAST VIP BASH, DREAMSCAPE, WORLD DANCE, JUNGLE FEVER, ONE NATION, HELTA SKELTA, UNITED DANCE   and THUNDER N JOY and just about any Jungle party or club that was happening.

Darren then went on to become a frequent visitor to Toronto, Canada working for ‘Sirus Big Bud’ and ‘Pleasure Force’ making some 35 appearances to date. Darren has also been regular in GERMANY, HOLLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, POLAND and AUSTRIA as the Drum n Bass scene has grown world wide Darren has also toured the USA and AUSTRALIA. Back home you can catch Darren at INNOVATION, WARNING, FABRIC HYSTERIA, COCO, SHABEEN, SLINKY, BREAKING SCIENCE, BEST OF BRITISH , Moondance , Jungle Fever  and MINISTRY OF SOUND.

Darren also has vast experience of working in the music business, in the 90′s he mixed the 140bpm compilations for ‘Moonshine Music’ and hand picked all the records that appeared on the MCA ‘Total Science’ collection. Darren and the founder of ‘Blackmarket Records’ ‘Rene’ went on to start ‘Mecca Recordings having three top twenty hits with ‘Phoebe One’ and also winning a ‘MOBO’ for ‘Best British Hip Hop’.

On the production side of things Darren  produced many records on ‘Tone Def’ records and was involved in the Barry Boom remix & the Blackstreet No Diggity remix  with Mickey Finn and Aphrodite.  Darren has also since won the ‘DIESEL U MUSIC AWARD’  award for best Hip Hop album ‘Troublesome Waters’ with MC Riddla and Bob Sonic.  Darren has also released some twenty records on his own label Wide Open Music , he has released tracks under the name of Jaysonic ,Two Sevens Clash and Tension  and runs a studio in Kent called Wide Open Studios . Tension (Darren Jay & B Sonic ) have just been signed to Toolroom rec with there first ep Liquid 6 and are about to release some ten tracks which are a collection of jungle / liquid and dnb rollers .