Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Drumsound & Bassline Smith have got pedigree. They’ve occupied a top tier position in the drum ‘n’ bass scene for the last two decades, but the roots go even deeper than that. Before the Drumsound combined with the Bassline, the first chapters of their story were already written.

“Drumsound” used to be a collective of six producers, eventually slimming down to the duo it is today. Classically-trained Andy Wright came out of the indie rock scene, while Benjamin Wiggett added some Jamaican influence to the sound. With that melding of styles, reminiscent of the earliest days of rave, perhaps it’s no wonder that after only a year’s worth of productions, they were able to catch the eye of already-legendary Simon Bassline Smith in 1998.

You see, Simon had been doing this for years. Coming up in the early eighties heyday of rare groove funk and soul, he’s been intimately associated with the UK underground music scene as it evolved from soundsystem-led blues parties, to raves, festivals, and mainstream acceptance. And real heads know about the recently-relaunched Absolute2 label, with its string of releases in the pre-jungle rave days from names like Doc Scott, Ray Keith, and even Orbital. The Bassline Smith biography stretches through the entire history of hardcore, jungle, and then drum ‘n’ bass.

Since creating Technique Recordings in 1999, the combined powers of Drumsound & Bassline Smith have made an indelible mark on drum ‘n’ bass, and dance music in general. Scouring the globe for talent, they’ve helped turn artists like Tantrum Desire, Document One, L Plus, and No Concept into household names among DnB cognoscenti.

And their own output has been equally impressive. Regularly playlisted on national radio stations, their 2012 Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 is still a fan-favourite, chalking up hundreds of thousands of plays. Championed by tastemakers like Annie Nightingale, Mistajam, Zane Lowe, and Annie Mac, their huge“Wall of Sound” album garnered them two UK Top 40 hits with Utah Saints collab “What Can You Do for Me?” and “Through the Night”.

Of course, this success translates into huge demand for the Drumsound & Bassline Smith live experience. With a crazy worldwide deejay schedule, including Technique Takeovers at events like Let it Roll and Fabriclive, sets at world-renowned festivals like Glastonbury and EDC, and a world tour taking in North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, those passport stamps just keep on coming.

The second Drumsound & Bassline Smith album, “Wardance”, saw them return to their underground roots and take us on a journey through their musical evolution. And more recent output like their monumental “Kilimanjaro EP” has travelled even deeper into the jungle, delivering weighty break-and-bass rollers for a new generation.

Sharp A&R skills that have put Technique Recordings at the top table of drum ‘n’ bass labels, regular A-list deejay and radio support for their music, and studio skills befitting their long experience make Drumsound & Bassline Smith one of the premier acts in bass-heavy music today.