Supply & Demand

Jubbz aka Supply and demand his career in music began in the late eighties just after getting kicked out of high school . Tony Williams on a Saturday night radio and David Rodigan on a Sunday morning radio where big influences and Sound systems like Sir Coxson,Tarus, I spy, and King tubby’s is where he started Toasting over instrumentals
after a number of years he began to build his own sound system djing and toasting would lead to things much greater almost every week the sound system along with a few friends would be loading there sound onto a van and hitting the road.
Supply and Demand, the rave scene,
One special day jubbz was taken to a rave having only partied in dance halls with reggae reggae reggae when he first experienced edm Supply and Demand was blown away buy the freedom of this so called music and the scene , and from that day has endeavoured edm in his heart,
in many forms from house, electro, hardcore and jungle . After proudly being a raver a punter ect, Jubbz was invited to his first studio session in the early nineties that was it once he found out how to actually make electronic music his desire to be a success was Emence after all growing up in moss side and then moving to brixton life for a young man back then had its moments it was a way to escape the pain of the streets.
Supply and Demand, the producer
Supply and Demand come’s from a musical background his family where members of Matumbi the uk reggae group from the seventies and eighties. At a young age Jubbz frequently visited studios not really knowing what they where about at the time Matumbi
were signed to EMI Records and had collaborations with Mick Jagger, Paul Mccartney, peter tosh, UB40 and more whom of which Jubbz has met . Jamming with theses guys at abbey road studio’s as little kid went on to have a major effect on Supply and Demands musical journey. Coming to the end of his teenaged years is when Jubbz started to make his own music along side two brothers Andy Frey and Papy Geoff the g squad. That point of time was pivotal to the development, along came Kenny Ken and dj Kemistry god bless her and Bryan G theses dj’s really believed in Jubbz. Supply and Demand worked closely with Kenny Ken forming
the label Mix n Blen and V Records as well remixing for Congo Natty, Metal Headz, Dread, until Cold Steel was born Supply and Demands own label
Supply And Demand was transported globally by music promoters for larger Events- including Government (Can- ada), Ministry of Sound (London), Nikki Beach (Ibiza and Miami) and the WMC in Miami. A crowd pleaser bringing energy and a style of his own, never afraid to
try new music and 8 out of 10 times playing for the ladies, he went on to help produce a top 10 hit in the British charts in 2001 with “Bouncing Flo “in collaboration with the K2 family generally known; and a second track “All I” now represented in the film “A Goat’s tale.”
After a decade of work, Supply and Demand is now one of the most wanted DJ and producer in the world, mixing and remixing for various musicians, including Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse and Shaggy.
The genuine passion for music and to create an electric atmosphere Supply and Demand always drilled with specialised theatres and the biggest brands to offer contracts to ensure exceptional atmosphere with disco enthusiasts making partying and spending their come in if it was their last night! Jubbz received the Best Global DJ 2013 presented by Capital FM radio. In June 2014, Jubbz settled in Morocco bringing an aura of adrenaline