New Artist’s join the ranks of UMC

September 19th Facebook Twitter

With the launch of the new site come some amazing new names to the roster starting with one of Drum & Bass’ pioneers.

LTJ Bukem

Just who is LTJ Bukem? Ground breaking DJ? Inspirational musician? Record label entrepreneur?Club visionary, perhaps? When the man behind those wire rimmed glasses and that disarming smile writes his job description just what does he put? The man who took the drum and bass concept from a small venue off London’s Charing Cross Road to the nation’s superclubs and then onto theinternational stage? The geezer whose records launched breakbeat into a brand new galaxy of sound? Or maybe he just writes ‘Renaissance man for a digital age’. In truth LTJ Bukem is all of the above. Although he wouldn’t like to admit it, LTJ Bukem is the living embodiment of the post-acid house entrepreneurial creative spirit. He is a mild mannered energy flash whose panoramic musical vision has found success in every area he has explored. From running sound systems to cutting up breaks at raves, from relocating the heart of breakbeat culture to redefining the spirit of drum and bass, the man known to his friends as Danny has sat at the forefront of breakbeat evolution, lighting the way with little more than a zest for life and a love of music. In other words, LTJ Bukem is a man on a mission!

DJ Cabbie

A relatively new comer to the D&B scene in comparison to Bukem, DJ Cabbie has firmly established himself as one of the leading production masterminds in Drum & Bass music. His uplifting and bass heavy tracks have provided the dance floor masses with an excuse to skank out all over the world, gracing some of the most prolific labels in the industry and reinforcing his dominance within the jump up genre.

Jumpin Jack Frost

Another innovator of the D&B Scene he was bitten by the music bug at an early age. South Londoner Frost hit the DJ circuit at 18 mixing Funk, Hip Hop and original Breakbeats and diving into the Acid House scene via the Carwash nights in the late 80′s with DJ’s like Grooverider, Bryan Gee, Fabio & Pete Stewart. When the rave scene exploded Frost was at it’s forefront enjoying the freedome of going with the flow and mixing drastically different styles of music to suit the mood of the moment. Starting at “The Fridge” in Brixton Frost went on to headline many┬álegendary events of the era including Sunrise and Energy, the rest is history!