Underground Music Collective Volume 1

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Underground Music Collective Volume 1

To celebrate the launch of the new UMC website we have put together an exclusive LP, featuring tracks by DJSS, Benny Page, Crissy Criss, Rollz, Kenny Ken and more! Click the artwork above or here to download.

01. Represent
02. Cabbie – Music House
03. Greenlaw feat DJSS – Less of a Star (DJSS Remix)
04. Rollz – Truth Hurts
05. DJSS – History
06. Tantrum Desire – Smile
07. Kenny Ken – No Gal
08. Chromatic – Sandman
09. Mutated Forms – Blue Magic (Feat. MC Tali) (DJSS Remix)
10. EZ Rollers – Thieves and Killers
11. GeneticBros – Colorful (Feat. Profit)
12. Hotwire – Blowing Up
13. Leon Switch – Grit
14. Kid-Alt-Dub – Calling You
15. Benny Page & Zero G – Fire
16. John Maveric – Noise Maker
17. G1 – Heavy Hitter
18. Zero G – Firetime
19. Funsta – Rain Again
20. Miss Fire – I Can’t Sleep
21. Greenlaw feat DJSS – Warrior (Acoustic Mix)
22. Crissy Criss – Russian Dance

  • Montpellier


    -Track 3 be ‘The Truth Hurts’, not ‘Truth Hurtz’
    -Track 6 be ‘Evil Quest – No Gal Tune (Kenny Ken Remix)’

    For what it’s worth, this is a sick EP compiled! :)

  • Clovergeez

    wheres russian dancer?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001031611305 Sam Altaïr Ibn-la’ahad

    ZZZZ wheres russian dancer, only track i was looking forward to

  • SkrillexIsBetter

    This is basically a JOKE, “HEY LETS GIVE OUT A TRACK THAT NOBODY CAN USE” “Yeah man! Fucking good idea! Lets piss them off heaps, will be super fun!”

  • Hi

    Wish there was a 320 -_________-

  • ModulaOrgUk

    Great album!! Thanks UMC for making it free.
    There is a 320K copy for free too at http://www.trackitdown.net/news/show/104690.html 
    Top work UMC!