GTA – Girls Take Action

GTA – Girls Take Action is one of the UK’s pioneering all-female Drum’n’Bass crews, dedicated to showcasing female talent in a predominantly male-dominated scene. Led by V Dubz, the crew consists of V Dubz herself, Enamie, and Iffy.

V Dubz’s journey to turn her dream into reality began in 2009, when she and Lady Blazer were among the few all-female acts in the Drum’n’Bass industry. Recognizing the uniqueness of their collaboration, V Dubz and Lady Blazer continued to perform together on the renowned radio station Rough Tempo. Their show, “Feminine Takeover,” became a platform to promote female talent in a scene that had long disregarded women’s voices.

However, their efforts were not without resistance. While not explicitly stated, it was clear to V Dubz that the male-dominated world of Drum’n’Bass viewed “Feminine Takeover” as a threat to their flourishing scene. Despite this, V Dubz patiently waited for the right moment to make her mark while also building her own successful career.

In 2014, V Dubz returned with renewed determination, this time joined by MC Enamie. Together with Lady Blazer, they once again took to the airwaves of Rough Tempo. This time, they made history by showcasing over 15 talented women from across the country, a world-exclusive in the Drum’n’Bass realm.

Not content with their achievements, V Dubz sought to give even more female artists a platform. In 2015, she invited several hidden talents from the drum and bass scene to participate in another all-female show on Rough Tempo. This idea gained popularity among ravers and supporters of the GTA brand, solidifying its position as a choice destination for discovering and supporting female talent.

The final addition to the crew was Iffy, the youngest and most promising MC of the group. With her inclusion, GTA – Girls Take Action underwent a rebranding and evolved into the esteemed Drum’n’Bass crew it is today, cherished by fans and enthusiasts alike.

DJ Lara Fraser

Meet DJ Lara Fraser, a talented and well-known DJ, producer, and radio host with a global fan base. Lara’s sets are known for their unique blend of dance, hip hop, and a touch of house music. She has performed at prestigious events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, The Fashion Awards, Royal Ascot, Cannes Film Fest, NYE on Sydney Harbour, and Fashion Weeks around the world.

Lara has built strong relationships with various residencies, brands, and venues. Some of the notable names she has worked with include The Aubrey, Sanderson, Soho Houses, Amano Group Berlin, Home House, The Four Seasons, Patron, Playboy, Lulu Guinness, Whyte Studio, Kadies, Malone Souliers, West Contemporary Gallery, Pink Ribbon Foundation, and Fashion For Conservation, among many others.

In addition to her live performances, Lara co-hosts a weekly radio show called ‘Around The With The Lallas’ on Resonance FM 104.4. She also runs a successful podcast called ‘DJ Diaries’, where she shares her experiences and insights from her career.

Lara recently released her single ‘Taxi Man’ featuring Vybz Kartel, Camidoh, and Miss LaFamilia in September 2023. Fans can look forward to her debut self-titled EP, which will be released soon.

Join DJ Lara Fraser on her incredible musical journey and experience her infectious energy and talent firsthand.

DJ Millz

MILLZ is an extremely passionate female Drum & Bass/Jungle DJ, who has taken the UK by storm and has won herself an up and comer award & came 3rd in the Drum & Bass Radio 1 Awards for Best Breakthrough DJ.

With her growing following, she has immediately secured bookings at: Glastonbury, Warehouse Project, NASS, Ministry of Sound, E1, EGG London, Boxpark, Unity in the Sun, as well as other various clubs/festivals, due to her authentic skills behind the decks.

She has grown up around music from a very young age, with her father “Nicky Blackmarket” – the D&B/Jungle DJ and owner of former record shop BM SOHO, he, who is her biggest musical influence.

With a hard working ethic, she is determined to carry this through to the next generation!

DJ MILLZ started out playing on THC Radio and across London’s airwaves, which has jumpstarted her career in the industry.

She has secured herself a residency on the foundation station ‘Kool FM’ , with a number of other guest shows and mixes on radio shows including: Flex FM, Rough Tempo, Life FM and Unity DAB.

As a DJ, she is able to play cross over sets with confidence and a great understanding of Drum & Bass and Jungle, whilst also adding some twists of jump up/rollers/liquid into her live sets.

With this being said, MILLZ has a very exciting journey ahead of her, bringing new talent and plenty of energy to the decks!