The Orator

Boston Williams-Jackson, known as “The Orator,” is a British-born African poet, author, and activist with a reputation for powerful performances and the ability to convey complex ideas through his art. He has received accolades such as a Royal Television Society Award for his short VR film, “When Something Happens.”

The Orator is a working-class voice that cuts through political noise, blending local influences with cutting-edge creativity. He has embraced new technologies, such as accepting Bitcoin for his album “Vernacular” and collaborating with VR production company Boom Clap Play. His performances have taken him to international stages, including the North Sea Jazz Club in Thailand and the Vernacular Book Launch in the Netherlands.

With two full collections of poetry, “Vernacular” (2019) and “Florilegium” (2021), The Orator has established himself as a respected writer. He has also contributed essays, including one on the Black Lives Matter Movement for the magazine Black Ink. Additionally, he was a frequent contributor to the local Leicester newsletter, Temperature On The Street, during the pandemic.

Known for his hosting abilities, The Orator has a reputation for creating engaging atmospheres and championing emerging artists. He has hosted events for renowned performers such as Akala, KRS 1, and Onyx, showcasing his talent for connecting with diverse audiences and creating memorable experiences.

Tippa Irie

Tippa Irie embarked on his musical journey in South London, performing on his father’s Sound System called Musical Messiah. Recognizing his talent, family members encouraged him to participate in local talent competitions. Not only did the local Sound Systems in the area acknowledge his abilities, but they also invited him to perform on their own systems.

At the age of 17, Tippa had his first recording experience with Sir Lloyd on the LGR record label, where he released his debut record titled “The Opposite.” Shortly after, he had a breakthrough opportunity when he joined King Tubby’s Sound. After spending a few years there, Dennis Rowe and Lloyd Francis from Saxon Sound System discovered Tippa’s exceptional talent and invited him to join Saxon Sound in South London.

Saxon Sound System became a prominent figure in the UK Reggae and Dancehall scene, playing a significant role in launching the careers of various artists such as Maxi Priest, Papa Levi, Smiley Culture, Tippa’s sister Miss Irie, Daddy Colonel, Daddy Rusty, Roger Robin, and Peter King, who introduced the fast talking style that Saxon MC’s became famous for.

The sessions held by Saxon Sound were recorded on cassette tapes and gained popularity as they circulated. Tippa and Saxon Sound gained fame across the UK, USA, Europe, and Jamaica. Record labels like Virgin, Greensleeves, Island, Ariwa, and Fashion became interested in the artists associated with the Sound.

Tippa accepted a recording contract from Greensleeves and released “Jus a Speak” with Daddy Colonel. He followed it up with a series of successful singles, including “Good to have the feeling you’re the best,” “Complain Neighbour,” and “Hello Darling,” which topped the British Reggae charts. “Hello Darling” also reached number 22 on the British National charts and achieved success in Europe and the Caribbean.

“Hello Darling” was featured on Tippa’s debut album, “Is it really happening to me,” released in 1986. Since then, he has released 15 studio albums, featuring several number one hits such as “Ragamuffin girl” ft. Peter Hunnigale and “Superwoman” ft. Winsome in 1989, as well as “Stress” ft. Lloyd Brown in the 90s.

During the 90s, Tippa experienced great success. He collaborated with Mad Professor in 1994 to create the critically acclaimed album “Rebel on the roots corner.” In the same decade, he recorded “Shouting for the gunners” for the Arsenal Football Team, which reached the top 30 in the British pop charts. Another notable hit from the 90s was “It’s a love thing” ft. Lloyd Brown.

Tippa has showcased his talent on every continent, performing at renowned events like Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica and touring 12 cities in China, all 50 states in America, almost every country in Europe, and various locations in Asia, Australia, and Africa.

His talent has attracted artists from all over the world, leading to collaborations in various music genres. He has worked with the Black Eyed Peas, being nominated for a Grammy in 2004 for the hit single “Hey Mama.” He also contributed to their album “Monkey Business” on the track “Dum Diddley.” Additionally, he has collaborated with Maxi Priest, Peter Spence, Pato Banton, and many others.

In 2016, Tippa achieved success once again with his album “Living the Dream,” which features a mix of Reggae Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop, Pop, and Afro Beat. The album includes collaborations with Peter Hunnigale, General Levy, Safiyah, Sun-I-Tafari, and more. Tippa received positive feedback and response from this album.

In 2018, Tippa embarked on a tour with UK reggae legend David “RamJam” Rodigan, performing with the 25-piece Outlook orchestra to sold-out crowds, celebrating 40 years in the reggae business.

In 2022, Tippa released his 18th career album titled “I’m An African,” featuring 16 tracks that delve into socio-political issues and celebrate life at the dancehall. The album was well-received, and Tippa toured Europe, performing at various festivals and events.

In 2023, Tippa expanded his horizons by becoming a published author. His autobiography, “Stick To My Roots,” was released to critical acclaim and reached number one on two separate Amazon UK bestseller lists.

Aside from his successful career as a performer, Tippa has established himself as an author, a top radio DJ, a record producer, and the owner of his own studio. He continuously reinvents himself and explores different genres to keep his music fresh and appealing to audiences of all ages. Tippa remains one of the most accomplished entertainers from the UK and proudly represents the UK scene wherever he goes. He splits his time between London and Jamaica.

Gemma Fox

When it comes to the history of UK Dance Music, the name ‘Gemma Fox’ is practically part of its complex DNA. Closely entwined with the rich history of this iconic sound, Gemma has been an influential trailblazer, a decorated songwriter, hailed as the first female vocalist of a genre and a regular feature of many radio station playlists throughout the last two decades.

It was in 2001 when Gemma’s career took to a supersonic path to success as she joined Middle Row Records and released ‘So Messy’ to the masses. It was quickly picked up by BBC 1Xtra, stamping it as a huge hit which went on to sell thousands of units, catapulting her into the mainstream and planting her victory flag firmly on the block where it remains flying proud to this day.

In 2002 Gemma signed to the legendary Polydor Records and secured a publishing deal with Zomba/Jive, she then embarked on the journey of putting pen to paper for her debut and much anticipated album. The album, entitled ‘Messy’, featured collaborations with artists such as J2K, Rodney P, Jim Jones, MC Lyte and Juelz Santana. Gemma travelled the globe during this time working with amazing talent, honing her sound and sculpting the album to ensure it was the perfect reflection of the message she wanting to broadcast. She recorded with The Hood Rats, Chucky Thompson, Jonny Douglas, Midi Mafia and many more, working tirelessly to create the sound she strived for.

“Girlfriend’s Story” featuring MC Lyte was the pivotal point, the first single release in the UK and one that quickly featured on the playlists of Kiss FM, Choice FM, BBC 1Xtra, Galaxy FM, MTV and many other iconic broadcast channels. With the track’s inspiration heavily immersed in the story of domestic violence, Gemma proudly accepted the position as patron of Woman’s Aid in a bid to spread awareness.

London Garage Orchestra

London’s finest contemporary orchestra performing classic UK Garage hits live.
The 13 piece ensemble featuring brass and strings sections have taken the festival scene by storm this summer after a successful debut show at London Remixed Festival 2019. Their two stellar vocalists are joined on stage by UK Garage legend MC Kie and fierce female MC Enamie for an explosive rendition of the most iconic tracks from the Garage era. With set lists including Artful Dodger, Craig David, and Mis-Teeq, the London Garage Orchestra brings a true UKG experience to each show. Guaranteed to get the audience jumping from start to finish!
With big stage shows at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Lovebox, Camp Bestival and Eastern Electrics festivals already under their belt and more to follow we except big things for them in 2023 and beyond!

East 17

East17 were one of the biggest selling boybands of the 90s selling over 22 million albums,18 top 20 singles across 4 top ten albums during their reign.

East17 are back with more punch than ever before. Original band member Terry Coldwell is joined by Artful Dodgers finest, Robbie Craig, whom himself has an impressive list of accolades, from Ivor Novello Award winner to achieving a number 1 single with woman trouble amongst other hits.
Newest band member Joe Livermore started off as a gymnast and was part of the British national squad, after that he started a career as a professional breakdancer representing the UK in the HHI world championship in Las Vegas, reaching the live finals of Sky1s “Got To Dance, Joe has performed all over the world as a stunt performer, dancer and actor making numerous appearances in blockbuster movies including , Harry Potter, Dumbo, Bourne-5 and Green Street.
The bad boys of pop are bringing their high energy and powerful performance , full of attitude and swag as they perform to sell out audiences worldwide.